Aunt Ellen - part 2

very sexy or anything, but it did reveal what a gorgeous body she possessed. I couldn’t believe that before last night I had never noticed what a hot woman my aunt was.We got into my aunt’s elderly Volkswagen and drove to her house on the other side of town. When we got there we found both of her daughters there, who were hanging out in the

Fun at the beach pt2

her thighs, and back up over Angel’s back. ‘My dear Anna, for doing such a wonderful job with my store, I am making our dear Angel a present to you. You may proceed as you wish,’ Lita said. Anna had a look of total sexual desire on her face. She had become a predator in the jungle and Angel was her prey. She was going to have the girl. Anna began

Down and Out Sister Helps Out

in the two weeks following that “morning after” conversation with Brenda I could think of little else.  I was in a weird place, and those two weeks both clarified and confused my feelings. I know part of it was that I hadn ’ t had an orgasm in nearly two years, and the last one I had was more or less an accident.  My husband

Venus Flytrap

indulgently and decided to try to find something else to occupy Van’s dirty little mind with for a while. She took another deep breath then she smiled a wicked smile as Van’s eyes drifted back down to where she wanted them. ‘You know what I like to do to relax Van…? I like to suck a man’s cock to relax, Van… Inch by inch, I suck his big fat cock

A group of board women decide to pull a train with all their boyfriends at one time

starts withall of us meeting for drinks at the house of the month.We are all dressed to kill, but that is not where itstops. After a drink or two it is time for the entertainmentto begin. The hostess is supposed to get things going,so it was my turn to take off my dress first, and thenthe others follow suit. We all try to outdo each otherwith the

Let's Make A Deal

more gently, almost as though she were trying to calm herself down.She opened the door of her car and got in. I quickly pulled on my pants and shirt and opened the garage door. She fired up her little car, shifted into reverse, gave me a little wave, and backed slowly out the door.I was closing the overhead door when I heard a small crunch and

Salma and Kelly

bags which the girls took out and walked over to the entrance door.“Oh my god, this is amazing,” sighed Salma and dropped her bag on the floor. She walked across the living room with white leather furniture and a piano on the opposite side to the French doors which she opened. Stepping outside she found an infinity pool right in front of her and

Joan goes to San Diego #7 part 2

bunch of servicemen. Directly across the street was a very nice looking club Margarita's cantina. We went in and Joan was right, there were servicemen everywhere. Joan saw a large communal table with about a dozen uniformed sailors at it. I sat at the bar and watched Joan approach the table. She spoke to one of the sailors and he got up and gave

Bald Headed Bumps

lips. Zack slipped his hand up inside Shelia’s blouse and fondled her breast then tweaked her nipple over and over! Shelia could feel Zack’s hard cock pressed against her belly. She slid her hand into his pants and could not believe the size and thickness of his cock. She whispered in Zack’s ear, “Let’s find somewhere more private so I can suck


knees!!! She was wearing a simple cotton print dress, and just as casually as you please he reached out and caressed her massive chest through the thin colorful material while ordering, This was a first for him, fucking a fat girl that is, and with vicious abandon he drove his seven inch spike in and out of her until she became a mewling bitch

And the Livin is Easy

car.I told her what I was doing and where I was going. The next hour went very quickly. “I really appreciate the lift James” she purred at me.“It’s a pleasure, you are good company” I replied. “I can’t tell you have pleased I am that you stopped. Not only that but you are a good looking guy in a stylish car. What more could a girl want” Then I

Pacific Wind

and breathing so loud and raspy. Then he felt it happen. It was the swelling of his passion almost painful as he reached his zenith. The surge of heat that coursed through him entered her like bolts of lightning. She opened her eyes for a moment as she realized her station. Stream after stream of his heat shot forth, covering her smooth insides.

Team Photos 3: Caitlyn

home with Alex in charge and our Aunt would be coming over to check on his. Alex and Lauren were ecstatic, but I didnt know what to think. What was going to happen with Alex in charge? Dad gave his usual boring speech about how important trust was and how he hoped he could trust us not to do anything stupid while they were away and how we had to

Young Sophia 3

of my face. I tried to tongue fuck her as much and as deep as possible, she was trying to get as much of me in her as she could. Breathing hard and writhing on the bed under my tongue it was turning me on so much I could feel my juices running down my legs. My entire cunt throbbing painfully with arousal. The slightest touch at this point

Donna learns from Mom and Dad

let you get away without fucking if you are willing to give them blowjobs. Then he showed me how to do it and I still suck my dad off whenever we go to visit him. Have you thought about sucking Sams cock? No. Do you think I should? Thats up to you but it might solve your dilemma. OK Mom, Ill think about it. The next day Donna told her mother that

My good friend Brook Chpt 3

dude," He said, looking past my shoulder"I thought you were dating Taylor."I turned around and saw Taylor, watching me, her fists clenched, tears streaming down her cheeks."Uh, I- Uh..." I said, walking towards her.She turn around and ran up the stairs, bawling, all eyes on her.I started to run after her. Brook put her hand up to stop me."I'll

worth the wait chapter one a new beginning

told to wait. She had been sent here to prepare for her punishment. To think over what she had done. She had done that. There is only so much thinking about one topic one can do before the boredom sets in and your mind starts to wander. It had been a long time since she had been punished by Uncle Mike. In fact it had been years. She was too old

Business as Usual Continues

with a stifled moan that answered mine.After a bit he picked up the pace, faster and then harder. He placed one hand where he knew it would have the most effect, stimulating that tiny little spot that can bring so very much pleasure. Bu,t not today. Between the stress, the need to be quiet, and the questions I had stashed in the back of my mind

The Breeders Life 6: Punishment Is Life

first the septum piercing. This is essentially welded into place.” The doctor says to the room at large.If I thought the emotional pain of being stripped by these people was bad, it was nothing compared to the pain of being pierced. I screamed as he pierced my nose. I screamed and screamed hard. Not that it was painful particularly, it was a knee

Six-Mile High Club chapter 3

to entice a male. When you feel a girl up through her panties, it's unbelievable, no mater if it is the first time or the hundredth time. Michael thought maybe it was because a guy knows what's coming later. As his fingers moved under the edge of her panties and into Jessica's slit touching her clitoris, she groaned and whispered,"Push you finger

At The Dinner Party

for all he was worth.Then I felt it, that wonderful feeling I got from the tip of my toes. It was as if I got pins and needles in my feet, the good kind. The sensation crept from my feet and up my legs. My body started to shake as my orgasm slowly started to overwhelm me.Nathan stopped fucking me for a few seconds, letting my orgasm subside. He

Oral Fixation Leads to My Bosses Impregnating My Wife

in Houston, and periodically traveled to one of our petrochemical plants in Puerto Rico. It wasn’t technically international travel since Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, but it was a welcome diversion for me. I usually traveled alone on those trips, but the events that gave rise to this story occurred when I was accompanied by my immediate

The Christmas Miracle

but, in the end, off I went. Once there I asked myself more than once, ”why”? There were some folks I enjoyed being around but, for the most part, ”why”? Dinner went well with a lot of giggles and smiles being exchanged between myself and a cousin, by marriage, who is quite shapely, 10 years younger than me, and for whom I had always felt a

How I lost my lesbian virginity

bum and then slipped my hand inside the front of her panties. We fell sideways onto the bed, still kissing and then I rolled onto my back. Gemma’s lips were immediately on my boobs. She kissed my breasts and sucked my juicy nipples so lovingly. It was beautiful. I stroked her hair as she sucked my boobs. “Oh baby! That’s so good!” I said. When

Asked Nicely on First Day of School

As I was shedding my clothes the boys surrounded me, and towered over me. Don quickly edged past me and sat on the toilet, his rock hard cock sticking up invitingly. "Here, let me give you somewhere to put that pretty mouth of yours." Don said, grabbing my arms and yanking me to bend over at his cock. As a true proud slut, I held eye contact

Gina’s Life Ch. 01

on my nerves,’ I whispered, as the door closed. I didn’t like Andrew my stepfather very much. My real dad did a runner when I was 3 or 4. Mum used to go out quite a lot after that. I would wake up, usually on a Sunday morning, and see some guy walking away from the house. But Andrew was one of a rare breed, by that I mean he was there for

Ashleigh’s Adventures Bk. 2 Ch. 01

ass, please, yes, yes, yes.’ Ted inserted one finger into her ass up to the knuckle, then withdrew it. He then withdrew his cock from her pussy, an action that caused Sharon to scream in protest. When he inserted two fingers into her asshole, her protesting ceased, followed by a loud moan. He ran two fingers into and out of her asshole several

Blue Tooth Bonus

air, mini orgasms and filth flowing from her mouth was mesmerizing.  It almost caused me to have an accident more than once."Anthony, where the fuck are you?  I need you right now!" Edie exclaimed."I am just listening to your call.""Good, because now I am rubbing the vibrator against my slit and it feels good.  It is not as good as you sucking on


in me.Sarah had her legs wrapped around him as he started a rhythm and tried to ease his throbbing 8.5 inch cock all the way into her.“I am to yours to please and be pleased,” Sarah muttered.“Rodney wants to see all of your huge cock in me. All of it. Up to your balls.Watching your lover have her brains fucked out by a much younger man with a

Family Matters

Louise a kiss goodbye, and as she bent over, she was giving me a full view of her thong covered bottom. It took all my will power not to reach down and stroke her cute pert bottom.   When we got back to our house, I help Louise into the house and up to her bedroom. She sat on her bed and I took her shoes off for her, looking up

Closer Than You Think Part 2

by Megan, who still did not know who she really was. Her juices began to pour down the glass window. She went faster and faster until she climaxed. Her pussy spouted all over the window as Megan’s cum dribbled out of her pussy and all over her bed once again. May smiled at her and pulled off her dildo and closed the blinds as Megan shook in

my first true 3some

it was hard not to moan, but I sucked Mike's dick, and he played with my hair, and I looked up every once in a while to him smiling. Paul decided he needed a turn at getting head, so I flipped around, and Mike fucked my pussy, really slow at first, while I sucked Paul's cock. I felt an orgasm coming on when Mike was fucking me, and Paul was

Love In The Club

forward and pulled her thong off. Mia could see the wetness between Amy's legs and kneeled down and licked from her slit to her clit, tasting her sweet nectar. Soon Mia added her fingers inside of Amy. Amy screamed as she cam and lay there for a second before she pushed Mia onto the bed, assaulting Mia's nipples with her teeth, tongue, and lips.

Camping With My Girls Ch 14-15

Cassie scolded me for taking my dick away. I told her I wanted to use it to fuck her. Burning with lust, Cassie said that was good, because she was ready for it. I moved to mount her as she laid there only to have her roll away. She flipped on a table lamp and grabbed the item she had brought from the other room. It turned out to be a tube of

A Good Host

as we walked. Instead of going back to being me, I was looking forward to the “cool” table. The table that the jocks sat at was quite the sight. It was a fairly small, circular table. All the jocks sat on the chairs and their girls sat on their laps. And I’m talking quite north of the knee. There had been stories of hidden hand jobs being given

Horrors combined - Ch. 01 - The preparation

peeking at her soft, ripe, plump organs, every time she comes by his sight, either in the house or even in the office.On vacations, when she travelled with his family, he would sneak to her room every night, and spend long minutes inspecting her sleeping, curvaceous body, whereas, she used to sleep in thin, light, see-through nightgowns, with

Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 03

However, there was a fly in Antonia’s ointment, and he was sitting next to her. Frank allowed her one glass of wine, over the nine hour trip to Rome, while he imbibed unimpeded. She glared at him every time he had a glass of champagne or wine. ‘I hope you throw your guts up, Frank.’ ‘If I do little princess, I will aim it at you.’ ‘I knew you

Piss Whores in Training - The Stewardess Became My Toilet

circles my clit.Finally, I can't stand it anymore. I look down at her, with her red coloured hair between my legs, the nice airline uniform still neat while she's licking my cunt, and then I squirt at her. A hot stream rushes out of my hole and she jerks back surprised and gasps for air. My piss soaks her white blouse and, at first, it looks like

Yes Sir

the loud voices of coworkers walking past, and plunged his hardness deep within Rachel’s aching sex. The only thing separating this from a rape was her consent. Scott took her deeply pulling her hips forcefully onto his rock solid cock. He pushed her blouse high up her back exposing her as much as he was able without ceasing to fuck her. Rachel

New In-home Nurse

She lifted her body up and away from him and saw the smile on his face as he added “I’m fine, perfectly fine Olivia.” She slid off him and saw his smile. She wondered why he was smiling actually but then she realized why he was smiling and she also had to smile. She had to admit none of it was professional but it did feel nice having a guy’s

Two female roomates indoctrinate a third into their horny games

sheet.Second, the book “Jenny Comes Around” was lying whereSari had haphazardly tossed it, next to the futon.“Doing a little reading,” asked Julie with a sly wink,looking at the book. Sari, having forgotten all about the book during hertravails with Chris, looked over the edge of the futonand, spying the book, blushed heavily (or, at least asmuch

Prostitue Punishment

to spend their over generous expense accounts.I was one of five hostesses and our duties were to sit with the members and encourage them to purchase over priced watered down drinks, and then if they required, provide them with sexual services in one of the upstairs rooms - again at over inflated cost.My hours were 4 pm to 4 am. Yes twelve hours,

"The Routine" - Chapter II

it out of her bra. His wife had beautiful tits, Robert thought. Nice and firm tits that didn't hang even though they were a little more than a handful. “I'm so horny, baby. I want your big, hard cock deep in my pussy.”A finger slipped inside her and then another. She slowly started to finger fuck herself while looking hungrily into the camera.“I

Ms. Lattuca Gets A Taste Of Her Student

Halloween day. Ms. Lattuca had picked out a sexy outfit for the occasion. She was a teacher, why not dress like one? She wore a black lacy bra and matching panties. Over it, a pleated plaid skirt with lace at the hemthat barely covered her tight, fit ass. She pulled on her fishnet stockings and complimented them with black stilettos. She didn’t

Countermove Ch. 09

and handed it to the referee. The bell rang and we again approached each other. We grappled for a moment, then I dropped and grabbed her around her midsection, attempting to pick her up for a quick backslam. Unfortunately Dominatrix knew what I was trying to do and she shoved me further down, locking my head between her thighs. Her hands flashed

New Sensations

pleasing you. “Open your legs.” Slowly you spread your legs revealing my treasure. I blindfold you. Then, I touch your clit with my finger. I kneel down between your legs and start licking and sucking your sweet pussy. “Oh, Daddy. DADDY!” you scream. As I pleasure your pussy, I take some lotion, put it on two fingers and penetrate your ass. You


by his belt. Once out of the water I notice his lips were blue, yet I could feel his little heart beating. I flipped him over on his back and a half-a-cup of water came pouring out of his mouth. I pinched off his nose and puffed in a few quick breaths and lo and behold I had one screaming scared kid on my hands. He pinked right up. I stood at the

(red) Bull

of a gut that reminds me of a pregnant woman. Completely naked I can see that in addition to his skinny arms, he has extremely skinny legs, which make his enormous gut even that much more prominent. He has bad posture and stoops over a bit, and I can't tell if it's something genetic or physical or if it's from a life of cowering, hunched over. He

Incubi Lover

shriveled thighs. She paused what she was doing to my manhood (daemonhood, actually), raised her bony arse and made it easy to finish making her naked. Her breasts were like tiny fallen cupcakes capped with abrupt nipples, so very special. We lay so closely together now, front to front, the covers pulled up over our shoulders, being miserly with

Wants It, Needs It

tongues, god you make it incredibly sensual.We are both busy undressing each other, kissing and feeling each other as we go.The sight of your bare shoulders causes me to stare.My shirt is already gone when your bra comes off, and you brush your nipples lightly across my chest. It's getting hard for me to control myself---to go slow, and I pull

Project: Prometheus Ch. 02 - Part 2

and cursed, “Damn it! At least the same number on our three o’clock and our six!” More shots came from the clustered groups of Sentry-Bots, forcing the women into cover once more.“Nats, program your turrets to fire at our twelve and our six! Pree, you help Talon with keeping them back at our three! Korsa, you and Nats handle our six! Move!” the

Me and My Girlfriend

very nice hips with a great tight little ass. She was pretty hot, at least in my eyes.Our biggest problem is that we were both very shy. We had been dating for almost a year now, yet we had only recently even kissed. Now, however, we were both comfortable with cuddling with each other, but there was still no sexual contact.Until recently, Kelsi

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 74

would be required. From his description of their encounters, I suspected the reality was she was hitting on him. She was good enough at it that, even if Jeff had been a normal guy, he probably would not have recognized it. In any event, it seemed harmless enough. We were arguing more than usual. I attributed it to wedding jitters. ‘I don’t

Meeting James Chapter Nine, Part One

to sit down and her rapid-fire questions commenced.“You need to tell me everything that happened,” she said, in a cold, demanding tone.“Gianna, it was just some playful spanking,” I said, trying to make light of what had happened in a further attempt to calm her down.“That’s bullshit! A ‘playful spanking’ wouldn’t leave these marks all over your

Up Against the Wall

curl, grab the waistband, and pulling down slowly, fully expose me. Your eyes leave mine now, for the first time, as you sit back slightly on your legs and admire what you've revealed. In the shadows cast by the array of metal halide lights peppering the ceiling in the garage stands this statue, this rigid shaft you've created, this pulsing and

The Slaves Of Xi Ling

his wrists and ankles, the fetters were removed and his arms and legs were staked to the ground so that he was spread face down, naked, in the soft sand of the courtyard.Another sharp order and a soldier arrived with a tin bath that was full of water and bamboo rods that had been soaking for weeks.Adam looked away from the inevitable punishment

My First Time Was With A Cock And I'm Straight

to the bathroom and wipe down. It was always a kind of a gradual thing for us.There were plenty of times we would try to watch scrambled soft porn on the TV. One night after watching some great lesbian porn before falling asleep, we started to touch ourselves and Tom asked me a question I was not prepared for:“Hey I dare you to get totally

The Invasion of Nicondria Part 3

hard at 15inches and assumed a position on all fours. Olay got on his knees behind Cornai and slid his cock along Cornai's soft golden furred back. Cornai's tail lifted and Olay slid his cock into Cornai's asshole. "C'mon Olay do me hard." The human began driving his cock in and out with punishing blows that caused Cornai to roar with each

My Army of One

been two years already,” I said to myself as I pulled into the airport parking lot. Two years ago my husband Kevin left for Iraq. Now today, he is finally coming home.I quickly parked the car and walked towards the gate, where his plane would be landing. The few sort minutes seemed to drag on through eternity. I saw the plane land, and my heart

Always Pull Your Curtains - Chapter 6

around not quite sure what to do but the words gave him encouragement and he rose up and mounted jabbing blindly, hoping to find a hole. Marge grabbed his cock and directed it to Hailey's anal star as the two women were locked in a deep kiss and as she let go Sam lurched forward and buried himself into Hailey's ass. Hailey moaned into Marge's

My Husband Loves My Lactating Breasts

my son out of his carrier and brought him upstairs and put him in his crib. I went into the office and opened the present. It was a baby doll style lingerie. It was boudoir style and had a flyaway front with lace trim. It had a center tie with adjustable straps and a matching thong pantie. It was white with a black print. I took a quick shower

America’s Playboy Ch. 01

lesbian, she could be a Sicilian woman instead of a lesbian. She could be a French woman. The French women don’t shave their legs and underarms. And did you ever see the bush on a French woman? Momma, they have hair as black and as thick as they have on their head,’ said Mario laughing while making a sour face. ‘I’d never be with a woman who

Tall Fences Make Good Neighbors II

gave him in return."Just wait," she replied, loud enough for him to hear. His heart was beating loudly in his chest, pumping blood through him, making him sweat under the warm summer sun. He barely even noticed, his eyes glued to the sight of her displayed cunt.Megan blew him a quick kiss, before reaching over to the small table beside her. Jason

Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 1

groaned a little, being slightly sensitive after the fucking his friend had given her, what made it worse was how he gripped and pulled on her tits, she screamed in pain but none heard her, you could see his nail marks all over her breasts as he released her and dug back in again, he lasted a little longer than his friend but released in her just

Room Service

weeks without a firm massage the pain gets unbearable. I was at that point and needed help – quickly or I would be useless at tomorrow’s meeting. Since I was in a city I had not visited prior I was at a loss. Looking for a massage in a strange city was just inviting trouble. You were more than likely to end up in some tawdry massage parlor that

Three's Company

in and out. Carol groaned as I fucked her, keeping time with each push, and I flushed with excitement, making sure not to rush. The lust was ever building, and I couldn’t help but to pick up the pace. My cock slammed inside her as she sank into place. Over and over I thrust, ramming her cervix, and soon she was writhing each time I went inside.I

Let's Pretend

throat him, but I gave it a respectable try. Chad had a natural stamina. I could blow him for an hour and if he didn't want to cum he didn't, or if we only had ten minutes, he could spew a load after just a few sucks. After about ten minutes of blowing him I stopped and took him in hand and wanked a couple of loads of pre-cum out of his leaky

Dad Doesnt Stand A Chance: Part 4

side of the door locked that night as I usually liked to freely roam between rooms. Ben came in to say good night and he joked quietly about how we were all going to have a dull night. He planned to invite Ashley back over to the house just as soon as Tom left. I could see that he wasnt giving up his new found privileges easily and sighed that it

Colors Ch. 06

taken off. Had enough. Take last of screws out of inside of doghouse. Time to go to work. Pitch screwdriver at glass door. Thunk. Everyone… freezes… in… place. Friend still whimpering. Actor slaps him, orders son to do something, can’t tell what. Actor puts dick away and looks at door. Little known fact by scum. Dark outside, light inside

The Twelve Tables Ch. 05

up in front of the restaurant Josh swore, ‘Fuck! How does he always beat me here?’ When they walked in Dante was lounging at the bar grinning at them, ‘Too slow little bro.’ Josh rolled his eyes and introduced Louisa, who smiled, liking Josh’s brother already, before walking over to talk to the owner and request a table for four and get drinks

Taken in the Night

and as a reward; she squeezed on his cock.“So you like cuckold sex huh?”He nodded and she purred in response.“That’s so hot baby. I saw more than just your browsing history too. You’re quite the photographer. Do you know as soon as I saw your delicious naked body, I masturbated there and then?”She gasped again as his cock flexed inside her.“Mmm,

It Started in the Steam Room (Part IV)

my wife. I was still horny when we got home, and was just about to come on to her when she decided she was too tired to do anything but go to bed. When she had gone upstairs I opened the laptop and emailed Matt to see if he was still up, but he didn’t answer. I poured a drink, channel-flipped for awhile but finally got bored and decided to go to

The best Independance day ever

I wanted to show her, but I said that I needed to see something first. I told her to take off her shirt, and since she was kind of drunk, she instantly consented, and took it off. My dick instantly went hard, creating a huge tent in my shorts. She was wearing a lacy leopard spotted bra. I couldn't help my self anymore, I reached out,

Tristen, My Daughter's Friend (chapter 1)

hand and rubbed the top of it. Her toes were freshly painted and her soft skin turned him on as he touched her.Tristen began to moan more and breathe heavier. “Oh god, I’m gonna cum soon” she said. “Me too” Jay added as he begin to stroke faster hoping that he could finish at the same time she did and share the special moment. Tristen rocked

Shipwrecked on Mermaid Isle Part 2

his hands to cross his chest in thanks to God for the fact that he had lived while his friends had perished.But, he could not bring himself to complete the religious act, could not bring himself to acknowledge the work of the Lord when he had witnessed and been drawn into… Depraved acts of lust!  True, he had exchanged coin and other valuables

Some Girls Never Learn Ch. 01

painting flashed in her mind as she mentally covered her ears and let out a silent scream. She smirked as the lecturer caught her eye, seeming to sense the energy that flowed from her corner of the room. ‘Would you like fries with that?’ she thought, reminding herself of her alternate destiny should she lose her scholarship to the College of

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash Ch. 07

her nipples while the other drifted lower, seeking out the warm nubbin that was her destruction and her salvation when he made it the centre of her universe by dint of skilful touch. Kitty felt herself as a pliant clay which is moulded into shape, fashioned into a pulsing mass of needful sensation by the endless tormenting of his lips, teeth,


mouth around it! Now she had one knee up and I was still watching my fingers slide in and out of her love hole as her muffled moans grew more intense. I pumped her harder and harder as her bobbing head and slurping mouth made a stronger and stronger attack on Danny’s organ. Finally, Danny started moaning and soon his cum was leaking out of her

Sweet Tasting Revenge

was good and our life was perfect until about 6 months ago when I found out Tyson had been having an affair. Im not the nosy type or anything, but I found out when I went to use the computer and his email was logged in. The messages that were on the screen said how much they both enjoyed fucking each other and how they were in love. I never

The Rent Problem

a doll. A gothic doll, to be precise. But don't get me wrong while she was short and petite, her body was that of a woman. Her look was a sexy mix of pure innocence and seduction.But it was not only her look, because her personality was like that as well. She was somehow still very innocent and her experience of sex was limited to blowjobs she

Its Just Coffee...

his animal instincts further. But his tease wasn't over just yet. "Do you want to get fucked, little girl?" he groaned with intensity in his eyes. Her answer was an audible moan, and angling her hips even sharper against him to hit that sweet spot where her clitoris met his stalk. Alex threw her forward so she was sitting on the center console

The First Time.

over. The intensity in her body quickly escalated, and she had to put the book down. She took her free hand and used two fingers to give better showing of the pleasing spot. Christies' other finger traced circles around the unknown part, with built a fire up inside. The inexperienced thirteen year old felt a greater force build up. Christie


true anyways.’ ‘I heard you. Cheryl’s on my floor.’ Why did I tell her? Why did I do that? Fear, fear, ancient fear. Fear and conditioning to do whatever they want. Do whatever they want and they will break your glasses but they won’t beat you up. Say whatever they want you to say and they won’t throw you around by the hair. I realize I am

The Stranger in the Alley

thong and pulling it down my legs. No one would know, and I felt better already. I thought I was alone, but someone was watching me. He emerged out of a dark shadow as I straightened up. I don’t know what it was that didn’t make me run, but I was stuck in place, staring as he came into light. He face was still shrouded as he came closer.

Just a Jab Ch. 05

are not my strongest points, so I have not been encumbered by any silly preconceptions. Expect some ridiculous ideas as I alter reality to fit my perception of life. Yes, it does look like a harem story because it is one. If you are hesitant about this tag then read no further. -GfG ============================================ Thursday Day

Beth’s Awakening Ch. 02

red shoes with very high heels. She looked stunning and I felt myself getting hard. ‘Do you like?’ ‘God, Beth. You look fabulous. I’d love to fuck you right now, but we’d be late for dinner. Look at what you’ve done to me,’ I said, cupping my hard-on through my pants. ‘Save that for Kelli. Dan tells me she has appetites that match her tits.’

More than a Lodger…Part 5

and visit Jenny for some real fucking. Laura usually saw Jenny about once a month and it was generally on a Sunday. It just happened to have been so soon after the wonderful orgy that had happened last night.Jerry was out playing golf and Amanda had to catch the train back to London where she lived and worked. Laura offered to take Amanda to the

Third Time Is The Charm

might not be for us at this time.With my hand still on her cock, I knelt back down between her legs and again began my worship of the phallus before. It was time and I began to move closer to being in charge of her cock and making it mine. At first, a gentle kiss on the head and then I began to make the rounds with my tongue trying to wet the

An Engineer’s Dream

It retracted enough so that the head was still hidden and it pumped at a steady pace.“Fuck!” thought Demelza.The faces she pulled were enough for the engineer to know that it was having the desired effect. The smile on Ebenizer’s face was that of perfection. He had designed and made what could only be described as a woman’s dream. He watched the

Beauty’s Choice Ch. 01

and he gritted his teeth. He allowed only that one brief caress though his cock was rising thick and throbbing hard, the shaft snugged tight against the sturdy wool of his breeches. He pressed it against the softness of her belly and was tempted to grind his hips against her lush curves. He lifted his head, staring down into her face and a sudden

Surprise Business Booty Call

fixated on her shaved pussy. She placed on hand on my leg to steady herself as she pulled her jeans and her underwear off. She placed one of her shapely legs on the outside of my outstretched leg, and slid a lone finger into her pussy while looking back at me. “Do you like it?” she whispered, while looking back at me over her bare shoulder,

Chimera Isle Ch. 03

his hungry lips. As their mouths devoured each other’s, she slid the blindfold off Jon’s head and turned around. Her hands went back to his ass and pulled him toward her, forcing the chains to their limit. Jon looked down to see Mrs. Love’s beautiful ass inches from his throbbing cock. The purple lace bodice was a thong in back and split her

A Wisard I Am 2

neared we saw that it was an Inn. We need a place to rest but had no money, the paper began to rattle again . I looked at it and it said reach in your left pocket. I reached in my left pocket an found it was full of coins. I looked at the figure on the coin and I had to laugh...the figure was ME.Oh well the desk clerk accepted the coinage and

On the subway in my miniskirt

my body craved. I wanted my eggs basted like a thanksgiving turkey.I bit my bottom lip as he entered me. My seated friend had turned off the camera noise, but was continuing to take pictures. He mouthed, "Is he fucking you?" I nodded. He leaned forward and got an upskirt shot of my lover entering me. He showed it to me and I have to admit, it was

Helping Big Brother 2

Mom.He worried as he stepped into the bathroom that separated his room from his sister's. Just remembering the night before when Cindy had helped him get some "relief" from a bad case of blue balls with first a handjob, and then the most outstanding blowjob he'd had in his 17 years of life., had his dick standing at attention and made it very

A night that i will never forget

people were starting to whisper and I could only imagine how Lucy was feeling. Becky finally broke the kiss and she licked her lips as she sat back into her spot. Everyone was glaring at me and Lucy ran upstairs crying. As I got up to follow her I sent a scowl towards Becky as she replied,” Don’t pretend you didn’t like it” “Just fuck off” I

Passing Time in Detention

entered the classroom and made his way to the back without making any apologies. The teacher which he had not taken any notice of, frowned. “Excuse me,” she said in a quite voice. James ignored her. “HEY!” yelled the teacher. James turned. “Yea?”. “Detention, this afternoon,” the teacher replied. James had not really noticed that this teacher

Truth or Dare

‘Fine. Your shirt it is then.’ Sandy sighed and stripped off her shirt to the obvious delight of Dylan and Sterling. They were all in stages of undress, Cassy was only wearing a sexy little thong, Dylan was completely naked, Sterling had only some boxers on, Rachel had her bra and panties left. Sandy had stripped off her shorts and thong long

Trucker fucker

loads of big trucks all different sizes, we walked into the cafe and i swear everyone stopped talking and stared at us, i asked if anyone was heading back to home and it turns out one was. we asked if we could jump and a lift and suprise suprise he said yes! George was just how you image a trucker, beerbelly, bald guy who eat to many fryups and

Lord of the Rings - The Golden Gate Opens

smooch, saliva dangling in a fine rope between their lips until deftly snapping in half. The servant-girl was flushed and giddy, more bewildered than frightened. "My Lady...!" she exclaimed in exasperated shock, moving a bit away from the voracious royal.    "You seem to know your way around a woman's body..." Eowyn replied swiftly, trying

No Names Ch. 01

would carry me with no assured end, but with a foreboding feeling that I would encounter unhappiness and uncertainty whatever happened. Salim closed the doors and walked by me to sit on one of the many sofas and chairs spread around the step level floor. I glanced around and decided to sit on one of the chairs across the room. He didn’t say

Shirts and Skins: Pick-Up Game Leads to Gangbang

drained out of her and onto the mat.I sucked her pussy clean as Brian and Doug continued sucking her breasts, and when I pulled back, Kevin was moving between her legs. Jillian looked at me and I found out how she was going to handle the being-fertile guise, and what else she meant about me helping her out.She said, “Kevin, go ahead and fuck me,

My Amazing Mason 5

but what made it worse was that Mason was having the same problem as me. He stopped kissing me and pushed his head against mine kinda hard and closed his eyes. He held the back of my head and had his other hand on my boob."Fuck, oh go..god I you Kaylee." He said while he gasped."Oh god Mason, oh god I love, I love

Spring Break

She swirled her tongue around and bobbed her mouth up and down about half of my dick while making those little circles with her fingertip.I could feel the pressure building up inside of me until it felt like my dick was going to split in two and then finally it happened...she took me all the way into the back of her mouth and simultaneously

The Horseman

everything she did. She was lying there enjoying the sun and as we all know the sun makes us very horny. It is warm and sensuous on the naked skin. After a while of enjoying this she is getting very horny. He is sitting in the shade just watching. She takes her hand and runs it over her very large breasts, stopping to pinch the already hard

The Naughty Step

children. They looked wide eyed and nervous. The naughty step was the furthest they’d ever gone, nobody risked missing supper. ‘Well,’ Nan continued after a pause, ‘The Witch was very angry. She turned herself into a fire-breathing Dragon and burned down the Palace.’ ‘Wha-what about the … Princess?’ Fanny asked. ‘The Witch flew in on her

Meeting Anne

between her thighs. Her breathing quickened again, and her moaning intensified. It seemed as if she could be having a small orgasm, and again I was confronted with the strangeness of being with a new partner after almost fifteen years. I just didn’t know her reactions well enough. “Are you cumming? Tell me if you are. I don’t know your body

Trust Fall Ch. 06

major and working for an ‘evil bank’ helping them make a ‘profit’. I never saw it that way. Her college politics were not mine. I was just hanging out. But that didn’t stop her judging. When I split with Josh, she didn’t fully take my side. So he didn’t work and couldn’t provide for his family, she reasoned, he was the real man for not being

The Strip Ch. 08

started, others quickly followed. Daniel ignored the upraised hand this time and covered the distance between them in an instant. Dropping to his knees, he held the crying woman for a long time, stroking herruffled red hair until her sobbing lessened and eventually died. ‘There,’ she blubbered, wiping her face on the arm of her robe. ‘That’s it.

Brandi’s Slutty Adventures Ch. 08

Rick’s a friend who works with Marcus. Suck their cocks and they’ll be happy,’ Jim said as he went back to fucking my ass. Mike also starting fucking my pussy again. Marcus and Rick quickly stripped and walked over on either side of me. Rick was tall, about six feet tall, with a nice build. He was a couple of years older than the rest of the

The Battered Lamp Chapter Three: The Witch of Amber

pussy.What's the harm? that lustful voice in his head whispered. She's my sister!Look at how cute her ass is, the way it curves, the pale-olive tint, the cleft leading down to her delights. Those breasts, just budding. Imagine those nipples between your lips, her tight, juicy cunt around your cock.“Oh, Fatima!” Aaliyah gasped. His sister feasted

Completely Yours

me absolutely breathless. And then you enter me, hip to hip, breast to chest, closer than ever. As the tension mounts, I wrap my legs over your shoulders while you pound deep into me, teasing my nipples and my clit. Long, slow deep strokes building to a frantic pace until we come together, felling your juices inside of me. We lay on the couch for

Moms Insecurities

her that she should take advantage of the situation and go have a good time, cut loose while we were here, so far away from home and everything. “You know, ‘What happens in South Carolina stays in South Carolina’.” She giggled, “Isn’t that Vegas?” “Where ever. The point is…You should go out and do shit.” “I should do…Shit?” “Well yeah.” “And

Erotic Night

me, she likes that so much. God baby I know how wet she is right now. I deepen the kiss, so much she can barely breath and I press my fingers deeper enjoying her small whimper. She tenses as I'm being a bit rough and the pain almost overwhelms the pleasure. Her pussy drenches me, she thrusts her pussy back on my hand. Her nails digging into my

My Sex Life - Part One

a tape measure is. He darted off and within half a minute had found one, So he measured his cock first - not the most impressive, but you know, we were young. He measured in at three and a half inches, and me - well, I am big and, unlike most British guys, cut (which I think looks nicer and feels nicer). I came in at six and a half inches (I'm

War Torn Ch. 05

cheek. The sun was setting, and the little house began to grow cold. Knowing that his aunt had always kept a full woodpile beside the house, Erich carried in wood for the stove. Once a good fire had been lit, he took two pails from beside the stove and went to fetch water. Meanwhile, I lit the few candles that I could find and began to prepare a

At the Summit Ch. 05

effort not to keep looking in the mirror, a view which showed her own pink-flushed ready body with Dean’s, made her more excited than ever. Dean took her hand, and led it to his covered tip. Touching her hand to himself, he told her to concentrate on him – not to look at the mirror for now, to wait until she felt no choice. Relieved, Laetitia

Kitty Kapers – A Well Seasoned Woman

her scent and flavor on it. But a seasoned pussy, this was an erotic first for them! “How does it taste” he asked? “Mmmm” Kitty moaned. “That is amazing. You know I love the taste of my pussy but with seasonings, oh my my!” She moved in for another long passionate kiss. Peter asked “How does it feel? Is it OK?” “It’s interesting. It tingles,

Mistress Hannahs Pathetic Husband Part 2

appointment for me. I went straight from work one day and met her at the piercing parlor. Hannah had requested a woman to do the piercing and the young woman who served us introduced herself as Amy. She was a little surprised when Hannah specified how I was to be pierced and asked when I would be able to switch to rings and chains. I think Amy

My Life

paper and it said his home adress and to meet him there tonight with a friend or alone,-3 Hours later- I Called my friend jason and told to meet me at this random kids adress.I Saw his car parked there and i parked behind him,we got out and walked to the kids door and i knocked,a minute later we heard a few footsteps and the door opened..he said

I Swing, She Sings

now and then to catch her off guard; element of surprise. The Yankee game is still on and Aaron Judge is up at the plate. The bases are loaded and the Yanks are down 13-10. Big Bartolo Colon is pitching. He throws a nasty curveball and Judge knocks that shit out of the park. I scream at the top of my lungs while I

Fooling a Cat

on the pink flesh. When the guard was done mauling her tits, he inched forward and slid his cock between her swollen globes. With a quick spat, he lubricated his cock enough to glide it in and out of her abundant cleavage. Writhing on her chest, he kneaded her breasts with his rough hands and dug his fingers deep into her reddened flesh. The

Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF)

is empty. No more gloves." Once again, her face got frustrated and upset. "Uhhh....ok. I can wait till you get back and buy some more." I was so hard at this point I didn't care. "Violet...if you’re in pain you need this pill now. With or without gloves, I can do this. Don't worry about me." She was so shocked she didn't know what to say.

Babysitting for Married Men 2

two thick fingers pressed against my opening as his tongue came into contact with my clit.My orgasm started as soon as his fingers started to play inside me near the opening and when he plunged them deeper I was in ecstasy. "Oh Eric, Eric!" He sure new how to please a woman!It was his turn for pleasure, but the table was getting uncomfortable. I

Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 4 - Florida: Suite, Sun, Sand and Seduction

don’t know if it was one minute or five, but eventually Silver stirs, “Damn that was intense.”“Yeah...” was all I could manage.Planting her mouth on mine, Silver slowly stands, sighing as my semi-hard cock slips out with a wet plop. “Ohhhh... I hate that part!”, settling back down and grinding her sloppy pussy against my shaft with a throaty

Sin and Redemption

and tender kisses. Karen let out an almost inaudible moan. ‘Keep going, Jimmy,’ she husked. I had no intention of stopping. I proceeded downwards to her upper chest, taking my time, kissing the very top of her pert breasts. Karen’s body shivered slightly. Encouraged, I eased my way between her breasts, leaving a kiss and nibble trail through

The Chauffeur (#48) The Wedding

Yeah, yeah you must buy them on Mother’s Day, your anniversary, and other occasions, but she will be much happier if you randomly buy a dozen flowers on some random weekday. Also, don’t always buy the same flowers, she needs to know that she is special to you,” I tell John.“When do you know that you are in the doghouse?” He asks.“Believe me, you

the start of our holiday gets kinky

smile and was fucking her hard. I knew by the look on his face; he was enjoying her pussy, so I eased my finger in her ass, then told him to try it, my cum was still dribbling slowly out of her ass, as he looked a bit puzzled, Sue then grabbed her ass cheeks open, I told him to fuck her ass. Chris pushed his cock in, my cum lubed his entry, then

Caught in the Act

how long can you go on. You are watching the action in the mirror, You lie down and reach for something on the nightstand, and it is another smaller in thickness but much longer and more flexible dildo. You start to suck on it and I can see the other dildo still stuck in your pussy. You rise back up on your knees and are now rubbing the new

Will I Live?

be anything compared to what was about to happen. I felt his calloused hand grab my arm, hard enough to leave a bruise. “Since you‘re a runaway there isn’t going to be any evidence of where I took you, where you are, or who you are with.” He was too happy that I was all his to play with. He started to drag me over to the wall and I screamed and

Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers

Then I started filling the tip of the condom. That was when she started bucking up at me in what appeared to be a real orgasm…but who knows.I pulled the condom off and got dressed as I watched her empty that condom into her mouth.She giggled and said, “I’ll kiss her after you leave.”I thanked her and said, “Welfare mothers do make better

A box of lust

to use the internet the letters became e-mails and video chats, so that way we pretty much knew what went with each others lives through all our teenage years until we both graduated from college and visited each other often. However Charlie got married two years ago to Gastón, a nice argentinian guy she met…I don’t really remember where or how,

Changed Ch. 01

feel the fire creeping up my neck and down my legs. When it reached my head I passed out. I woke up to the sound of a knock on the door. “Mary, you in there? You OK?” It was Julia, she sounded a little worried. I sat up and looked around. I was lying on the bathroom floor, naked. Wow, that was strange, what a dream. “I’m fine. I must have just

A bad week, or the start to a good weekend

the strength and swiftness of Mike's last swat. "I...AM...NOT... A...SLUT!" she blurted out.Mike swatted her again, her ass was bright red and stinging.  But, she didn't move an inch."Listen, my sweet, juicy, little whore. You will bend over that chair."  Eve smiled and kissed Mike on the cheek.  "That is better, Sir.  Whores are bought and paid

All for her

over on the rock again making sure I could see them. Again, without a word, the woman doubled up the belt; placed her hand on my back and started to spank me. Her rhythm continued to be about ten swings before a pause. I felt her pain with every swing. The couple was watching intensely at this point. The woman patted my bottom with her hand a


these urges that could not be satisfied with her vibrators. Lisa sipped her drink. The loud music and flashing lights were getting on her nerves, but in order to get what she wanted she had to put up with the noise. Her keen gaze landed on a man leaning against the bar. His black leather pants hung low on his hips, emphasizing his package. A

Ron’s Journal 03A

mixed pain and pleasure. I expected Cindy would have a hell of a hickey to show in the daylight. Vanessa wrapped her hand around my still-stiff love-stick. ‘I’m going to finish you now, Ron,’ my black-haired Venus whispered. She turned around, straddled my head, dropped her cunt onto my mouth, and sucked my dick into oblivion. I returned that

My sweet step brother really loves me

Jake replied.“I wasn't going to,” I said.He got into his dresser looking for condoms.“I'm out of condoms,” Jake said.“I thought you had a lot of sex before I moved in?” I asked.“No, not much. I didn't wanna do it when you were here, I thought you'd be uncomfortable,” Jake replied.“Well, you better get some more. I'm all out of birth control now,”

Bisexual College Experience

straight out like a tree branch from the tree trunk. It bounced and wagged as John's big frame moved toward the door where I was standing. My heart raced and I could feel its beat in my ears, loudly. My mouth was suddenly dry, and nervous apprehension came over me. I never had been in this situation, but by now John was standing right in front of

Mommy's Love Denied 15

me as my homepage. It directed me instantely to my favourite sub-page where I would shop and use the little money I had left in my account to pay my favourite mistress. A couple of months ago; before I got my job; my masturbation had been so excessive and apparently loud that Mum and Miss Bunda had a long talking session with me after school and

Skulduggery Pleasant Chapter Three - Double Trouble

making them both moan quietly.She leant forward and whispered into Fletchers ear.“I think someone wants to join us” Fletcher turned and looked at the Reflection whose hand was under her skirt furiously rubbing her clit. He turned back to Valkyrie the question in his eyes, she leant forward kissed him, then nodded.He stood up and pointed a finger

An Inmates Tale

color, sunkissed like her hair. For the first time since their marriage, her skin radiated. He wanted to take her there. She noticed he was a little thinner than before. She watched him surveying her, wondering if he noticed all the things she did to please him. He was semi-hard already as he got into the vehicle. The way her ass was wiggling in

The Dressing Room

as he drives into me. I found pair of low rise jeans that that I thought would hug my ass, and probably show a little bit of skin and thong when I bent over. I paired it with a tight top to accentuate my curves and emphasize my tits. The other outfit I found was far sexier. It was a black satin negligee with a corset top, lacing up the front to

Im a woman aged 27 and im not married

.Mmmmm i thought to myself who this man was and decided to go back to my house.I sat on the sofa and i decided to pay my neighbour a visit .I thought of the handsome man and i decided to look sexy.i rocked a white crop top without a bra so my tits could be jiggly and my nipples to be seen,i wore a black tights and i wore red sandals and red

Impatient Desire

pulled her around towards the door. A gentle push and she began walking herself towards the house. He opened the house door for her, smiling warmly at her as he did, but she avoided his gaze. There was no reason he couldn't wait. Asshole.Still, she moved obediently towards the bedroom, not because she feared what he might do to her if she

Older Mans Boyfriend

male to male sex since I was pretty young, and I regularly masturbated thinking about how another guy’s cock would feel in my hand, or how mine would feel in his. Not quite sure how I found out, but when I was about 16 I learned the location of a popular meeting place for gay and bi men. It was basically a few parking lots downtown, that were

Bait and Switch Ch. 15

in, only to find mine coming out to meet her.Unexpectedly she pulled away from me, and had a worried look on her face. "I'm sorry!" she quailed. "I should have asked. I shouldn't be throwing myself at you like this. You must think I'm a slut...""Don't stop now," I pleaded, in answer to her statements. "You're not a slut. You're just my perverted

The Punishment – part 2

no but can only manage a moan.Naked and face down on the bed, your wrists stretched over your head are bound to your headboard, each ankle bound to opposing bed posts, you are totally vulnerable to him as he kneels between your thighs. Still buzzing, the vibrator rests between your swollen lips, soaked inyour juices, when the tip touches the

The Class Reunion

my girlfriend suffered from a case of Catholicism. Sure, we fooled around but it was always with our clothes on. I wanted to know the mechanics of a girl. I wanted to know what a pussy looked, smelled, and tasted like. Her pussy, specifically. But that was not to be. She gave me a couple of hand jobs and she’d get herself off by rubbing herself

Getting Caught On Purpose

took off her skirt and panties. Her eyes got wide and nervous at the sight of my cock. My eyes were glued to her bright red mound, trimmed short. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw her thick pussy lips dangling free. I couldn’t wait to suck on them and feel those long legs around my neck. I kept eye contact with her as I kneeled down and

Photographer Ch. 09

their lips met and their bodies clung together. Greg, ‘I want you to be the first person to make love to me. Greg hovered over her and she guided his cock to the lips of her pussy. He positioned his cock in-between the lips of her pussy and Tammy braced herself for the pain that she knew would occur as a cock entered her body for the first time.

Aunty Rose: Summer Heat

been totally honest and open about what she thought and what she wanted and had gone for it in a way that I would never have dared. It felt good to let her do what she wanted with me, scarily good. My legs came open even wider, inviting her deeper into my pussy. Rose took my invitation and as I pushed two fingers deep inside her, it became a

My insatiable Asian secretary

detailed descriptionof how June had licked and lapped my cock … “more saliva …June got more faster tongue action …” and Madeline lappedmy cock in frenzy … she seemed to be competing with the Junein my description … “she would have sucked my balls by now…” then she put her hand, with long painted fingernails,under my balls and tickled them …

Forward to the Stars Ch. 12

in those files.’ Tina said, unable to meet her sisters eyes. ‘There IS one person that can prove or disprove everything.’ She said as she looked over to Trevor where she lay watching the proceedings with fear in her eyes. ‘Hey Atherian, you said these pups were venomous, so what kind of poison are we dealing with here?’ Michelle asked with her

Another weekend away

a room to the rear, we being the only people in that room, there being about three others in the public bar. Whist in that rear room, my wife started to expose her breasts to me, by undoing most of the buttons on her top. I fondled her breasts whilst kissing her, and was enjoying her rubbing my erection through my trousers. She said to me “ Why

Two Teen Lesbian Virgins and a Vibrator

by the reflex action she had caused. “Don’t stop, Julie” I said, “That feels lovely”. She leant over and used both hands to caress my little mounds, squeezing and stroking as if choosing which one she liked best. I closed my eyes, just enjoying the touch of her fingers. Suddenly I felt a different sensation; warmer and wet. I opened my eyes and


was everything that I had ever imagined it would be. She kissed the head of my cock and I saw that my pre-cum had stuck to her lips causing a thin string to keep us connected until her next kiss. Cindi licked up all of my pre-cum, tasted it, and then smiled at me before she swallowed it. Once she had licked the entire head she slipped her lips

A New Dawn – the Prequel

welfare, and jack all for Susan. She would have to go back to work, full time. Good! He thought, show her what the real world was about, no more luxury lifestyle for her. He imagined that she had nothing to do all day except lounge around, since he he provided her with everything. But there was that niggle again. Harry pushed it aside and


wet, more like soaked.   It wasn’t a thong but who’s counting?? I started to push my finger across her panties into the moisture.   She was very excited and started moving her ass from side to side and push up against my finger, I continued to stroke her pussy through the satin panties, then she blurted out; ”you’re my nephew!” “What

Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 4

left the phone on the small table in front of him. Suddenly, Jason replied. Before, Noah had turned the sound volume of his phone to the maximum so that he could hear the alarm, but he forgot to turn it down or set it to silence for the lecture. The beeping sound of Jason’s reply echoed through the lecture room, causing all eyes to land on him.

Blackmailing Beauty

pulled down her silk panties and tossed them rather seductively over her shoulder. They landed just a few a feet away from me. I walked over to them and picked them up. I put them to my face and smelled her scent. As expected, it had a distinct sweet aroma. Not as expected, her panties were extremely wet. I just stared at her. I looked at

My Mother is a Slut Part 3

life before, I had seen a few large cocks in porn dvd’s, Kurt could easily be a porn star, I thought of my mother and how her cunt must have been stretched to let him fuck her with his weapon.As I watched, Kurt moved his cock towards my mother's head and I saw my mother trying to open her mouth wider, my cock started to erupt and shoot my cum


didn’t give him some relief the beast would pitch a fit. I didn’t relish the thought of trying to transport an enraged stallion several hundred more miles with a pounding case of blue balls. I reached into my proverbial bag of tricks and pulled out the ‘super-model pep-talk’. “Perfect!” I cheered. “Oh my god, you’ve never done any acting?

My Twin Sisters

and her pussy muscles pulsated on my cock, urging it to cum.“Oh God! I’m cumming! Fuck me, Brad!”I was holding Sheila’s hips and thrusting up into her as hard as I could already, so I tried to change my rhythm in some way. Her orgasm overtook her body as she ground her pussy hard against me. She screamed softly from deep within as she fingered

Threesome with the wife Part One

I'm thinking fuck, it's gotta be worth it. Shady walks a little closer to me and smiles."To late for what?" I ask and she laughs. "To see what you're wife is always braging about down there." I look behind her to see if I can see Cara hanging around. "Haha she passed out in your room." Shady laughs and it's all I need to hear. I grab her

My cousin Jo and I, Part 8

by putting me back inor sucks me some first. Again I had no idea sex could get so wild. But I as going to enjoy it aslong as I could. I’m squeezing and pinching Christy’s nipples. Shortly sheactually screams. “Fuck me, I’m Cumming.” I can tell it too it feels likeshe milking my cock with her pussy. I can’t take it either. I”m going tocum

Calypso Rhythm

had done her absolutely no good. She wondered if he would come on to her, wondering if she might get to ‘taste’ some of the local flavours. Jenny had not had a good fuck in longer than she could remember and could feel her pussy begin to tingle with desire. She also had an innate feeling that Curtley would be a great lover.Jenny was brought out


It dissipated into a tingle as it spread out beautifully. “Higher,” he growled, the press of his palm between her shoulder blades pushed her chest down into the mattress. He yanked at her hip, tilting her up to the place he wanted until her rosebud winked and her cunt gaped. So lewd, her display so wanton. “Wet already?” The trail of a thick

Messenger Execution

When Ming was strapped, mare piss was smeared all over her private parts, and then the horse body was locked, completely hiding the petite asian body.Only some trembling of the wooden statue and echoing screams coming from inside suggested that there was somebody inside. From certain angle also her wet vagina was visible."Release the stallion!" -

Post Coital Suggestion - Part 3

questions, and taught me that men who use the code expect immediate responses.That's how I found myself in the situation you'll read about in this story.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"Honey? Remember to call the babysitter. We have that Rotary Club function tonight!""Oh, Richard, tonight? You know how those things bore me to death!"He was

Emily's Horny Christmas Shopping

try the clothes on. We told her we got a little carried away last time and that we didn't want to get that way again. She suggested that there probably wasn't anyone in their dressing room and that no one would say anything as long as we were quiet. So with a smile and a squeeze of my hand, Ashley dragged me off to the dressing room. Once inside

Sarah is taught her new job

tight and so forcefully that in a minute he was blowing his load into my mouth. I swallowed his salty slime immediately and begged Daddy to fuck me harder. The other four young black wannabes had their trousers down and were jerking their cocks. They all had impressive dicks and within a few seconds of their friend blasting his load into my mouth

My First time

happier than I’ve ever been, more content. All is right and wonderful in my world. I lay next to you, thinking of the things we have shared, everything that you have done for me, taken and made the time to do. Images from the video you sent last week linger in mind and I am instantly filled with desire. I try to settle and lay still, knowing how


nasty hard on.” She giggled, smiling for the first time since she’d sat on the chair and he told her to spread her legs. She tugged harder at the crotch of her shorts, revealing a thicker slice of the pie. “Fuck.” He ground his fist harder along his stalk. She raked a finger up and down her pussy under the fabric. Her eyes closed briefly as

The Bookstore is Closing

just for this. Inside this little private booth, this man’s beautiful cock invited me like a Siren to taste what was forbidden elsewhere. I’d come here tonight hungering for just that taste. Steadying his member in my hand I lowered my mouth over it. The flood of sensations; hot smooth skin, sweet and salty precum on my tongue, his swollen head

The Naga Roast - Part 2

is gone" Lina replied."Haa Haaa Haaaa, Ohh really Lina!!" Replied a voice from above them, "NAGA!! IMPOSSIBLE!!" Lina yelled, "Who's Naga?" Gourry asked, "Im Naga" Naga said as she made herself visible and reversed her levitation spell to land on the ground, "Naga the serpent, world class sorceress and Lina's number one rival, "rival? just this

Sexual Frustration - Cherry Blossom's helping hand : Part two - Her dream's come true

with embarassment but hesitantly she nodded , her lust for Naruto beating her overall shyness around him.Naruto moved from Sakura , who looked more than a little disappointed at her unwelcome visit.Hinata was about to back out for fear of Sakura hating her but never got the chance.Naruto had stepped in front of her , his musky scent reaching her


we have to do to get to a moment like this is truly worth it. LIfe is worth this! He smiled up to her and her to him and she joined him on the bed and cuddled up to him for a few minutes. Then she noticed his member retreating so, she reversed her body position and moved to be over him. This caused her mouth to be right at his member, which

Ashtons New Game

moved towards Evan. They began kissing deeply. My eyes were locked on Ashton. There was a mixture of lust and a little jealousy running through me. Their tongues dancing as their hands were all over each other. Patrice sensed my distraction and stood up, got out of the tub, grabbed a towel and my hard cock, and led me into the suite.“I need your

Bad Teacher Ch. 07

The sex at these times was always incredibly hot and intense because Carmen and I had been watching one another from a distance, checking out each others bodies, smiles, movements and the like. So by the time we were able to have a few minutes together to satisfy our lust, we were both out of control. But I was discontented with this and decided

First Experiences

but I wasn’t in the mood. I’d had several horrific dates in a row and I had wanted to go somewhere where I had at least a small chance of getting some action. I looked good though. I rarely wore anything this short but I figured at this rate I may as well.I had gone to the bathroom quickly to reapply make up and what not when I got a text message

Faces on a Train

He couldn’t even think of that. He knew now he would never see her face again, that perfect face, that perfect woman. He quit his job, what was the point of being on that train without her. He knew now it wasn’t love, how could it have been? It was madness. But he missed her, he needed her. He had no job or purpose but he started to board that

Encounter with an Enkantada (Part 1)

a wild boar. I laid my eyes on her while she was taking a bath in a small pond. She was wearing a white camisole, with nothing underneath. It hugged her body perfectly, emphasizing her curves, full rounded breasts, a tiny waist, and wide hips. My manhood begun to harden as I watched splashes and play around. Slowly, I hid behind the bushes and

Understanding mom-in-law

and kissed her bruised lips lightly. Hoping that she would see to my aching problem soon. Very soon!She pushed me down firmly and kissed my forehead. "My daughter is a prize idiot!"Then she looked down at my desperate situation - and laughed. "My-my - it looks as if it's about to take off and go into orbit!" With that, she lay her head on my

You Came

came, you came… you came!’ was the only thing I could think of as I opened the door and let you into my room. You stepped in and I quickly closed the door behind you, just in case anyone came up the dorm’s hall and saw you. You hesitated, suddenly unsure now that you had arrived, on what to do next. You looked me in the eye and looked away

Camping with my little Brother and Sister

faster he fucked me the more my pussy drenched and the more I shuddered at the feeling of him inside my tight little asshole Ned warned us both he was about to blow I felt his cock explode in my ass his cum traveling into my colon I then unexpectedly felt another hand rub my clit it wasn’t Ned’s hand it was my little sister and she knew exactly

His wife!

cock is going further in to me, do you like this Steve?" Lisa stuttered."Yes Lisa, Your pussy is his now, he's fucking you isn't he?" Steve muttered."Yes Steve, he's fucking my tight pussy, it feels soooo good!"I pushed my cock all the way in and Lisa gasped as my cock was buried all the way. I just held it there so her pussy would adjust."Steve,

Long Night at the ER

onto my chest. Before I had a chance to question what the hell she was thinking Laura calmed the burning rage inside. “Don’t worry honey; my tubes were tied two years ago. I assure you that you won’t be getting any surprise phone calls from me unless it’s to get my hands on the impressive member of yours.” “Feel free, and it looks like I’ll

Anything For Georgetown Part four (the spanking and tickling scene)

of sounds like fun in a way. The boys … well, they’re just interested in sex, and that’s pretty much it. They’re all about sticking it in, and … I’ve not even had an orgasm. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me … but …” Houlihan chuckled. “You’re young yet. To be honest, you probably won’t reach your sexual peak until you’re forty or


your continuing writing adventures. [You will write our story, won’t you? {with my nod, she continues…}] I won’t be inviting you to my regular home, though. Ever.I hope that none of this ever hurts your feelings, because I care how you feel about me and look forward to a very long collaboration of the social and sexy kinds with you.”I was very

My Speedo Fetish

Nathan was the hottest swimmer on the team, even before the Speedo tagging started. After the first few tag games, Justin knew Nathan wanted him, too. So Justin changed lockers in the gym and moved his gear next to Nathan. Another big smile greeted Justin the first time Nathan saw his teammate changing out of his Speedo after practice. They

Happy to Be Used (Pt. 3)

named “goddess instructions” began to play.A woman appeared on screen and explained she was going to teach me how to suck cock. She was holding a hard cock. So was I. The volume was turned up loud so I, and everyone else, could hear her instructions.She had me start by licking the head and particularly the tip. I did. Then I felt Sir behind me.

A Promise

them closer to the brink of an orgasm.Jill’s nails dug into his back as his strokes became stronger, his every thrust rubbing against her g spot. With a shout Jill started coming, her whole body rocking so hard with an orgasm that Matt felt it too. Her inner muscles closed tightly around him, and he nearly lost control as she continued to spasm

Campus visit

what seemed like hours but was really only minutes, Kami said, "Are you ready for this hard cock now Nicole? I think your baby brother would just love to feel his cock slide into his sisters yummy, tight pussy. Wouldn't you Johnny boy?"Oh, yeah." John responded. "I want to fuck my sisters sweet cunt."I was so wet as Kami dismounted my face

Hitching a Ride to Murder

her on the bed, smiling up at me, and made record time in getting my clothes off. I stepped over, guided the head of my cock to her pussy, and drove in; reached up and began playing with her tits as I fucked her. I had big plans about making her cum again before filling her up with mine, but that was a lost cause. The blowjob she'd given me

The Ballad of Hoan Vegars: Part 7: Tossing Caesars Salad

and armed themselves. I heard that he was coming today said Gaylord, We can ambush him in the streets. Good idea responded Homoman. Gaylord grabbed his dildo, Homoman got his butterfly knife, Queersten got his pistol, and Fagguy got his machete. Leeeeeeeeets get hiiiiiiim! they shouted in unison. Kajc made it to Columbus, where he did some

A Flash In The Dark

screamed loud and clawed at the mattress trying to hold on to him inside her.He groaned loud and shoved himself inside her as far as he could get. He didn’t even try to hold on any longer. He gripped her hips to help steady them both and threw his head back while enjoying the release. He released the largest load of cum he ever had in his life.

The Slave Princess.... Part 7

patience, abstemiousness and circumspection. Indeed, in the Mentrassan script, the form of the character for patience is based on a spider. I quickly and quietly inform Jaano of these facts when I notice him assuming a somewhat threatening attitude towards the little beast. It is a large, purple house-spider; slow, lumbering and totally


the progress of your child, through a one way mirror at various stages and of course you have full access to the ultrasound scans so you can see junior progressing in the womb.""That sounds good." Don again. "But how do we er know that er she only er...."It was a common enough question."Simple Don. After conception she is fitted with a specially

My Last Ever Stay with Auntie Beryl

had just got home from uni for Easter. I’d assumed I’d never be going to stay with Auntie Beryl again, but then a friend of Mum’s had an emergency and had to stay at our house, and my room became hers. A few phone calls later and I was told to pack, because Auntie Beryl had kindly agreed to let me stay. I have to admit to having very mixed

Memoirs of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry #5)

unconscious beauty though. I then lifted up her smooth pink dress and pulled down her pair of black undies. Her vagina looked pristine and virginal. I licked and probed it with my tongue. She tasted really sweet. I then pulled out my fully erect penis and raped her with uncontrolled lust as it has been very long since my last victim. I did it

Bungalow 106 Chapter 1

She picked up a candle and left Brian to prepare. She returned a few moments later and handed it to Brian. Sorry it took me so long, I couldnt find it in the dark. Brian packed the bowl and pulled a lighter out of his pocket. Here, you can take the first hit, but I was warned not to hit it too hard. Lets go in the living room. Grab the candles,

MILF Videoed Cheating on Hubby with Her Bosses

and she said, “I’m so sorry, Marty, I never intended to hurt you, and oh fuck, how did you get that video?  When did you find out and how long have you known?  Oh fuck, I thought we were being so careful.”I thought I’d rub it in a little and said, “Oh, and that’s not the only one I have.  I’ve got videos of you with David and Benjamin, as well as

Brother and Sister Discover Eachother

gladly sucked ever juice up. They left and went to bed having cummed three times. We stayed up jacking and sucking each other off because we had just fingered a girl. I was ok with Mark sucking me now. We went to school the next day like nothing had happened. Leslie and Mark had planned to meet at his house for about an hour then come to our

Daylight comes, Ill have to go

isn’t happy to have me here. Who would be, if your ex-girlfriend of two years was suddenly invited to your sleepover by your best friend who conveniently forgot to tell you until the last minute? ‘What about Justin, Ina? Aren’t you glad that she’s here, too?’ Kay quipped, an angelic look on her face. Ina refused to bite her bait. She shoved open

sandi’s world of fashion pt 2

of some trepidation. In the next room, I quickly found Ginny, a large woman, who passed me off to a girl wearing just tiny thongs. She led me to a table, where I found various pieces of underwear, erotic negligees and very brief bikini swim suits. ‘You’ll wear these,’ she said. ‘That list shows what you are to wear with each cycle. Cycles are 15

Glade and Ivory Ch. 15

was considered one of the better debating techniques. ‘And also because: who can rebel against a society that works to the advantage of every individual? If a society serves everyone’s best interests then nobody would rebel against it. Not if they are rational, of course.’ Glade didn’t doubt the rationality of the idea that no one would rebel

Break the Gilded Cage Ch. 01

she said – he had three other wives and several concubines. ‘We had not been totally innocent. We had known of the concubines but had not been informed of the other wives. We had assumed he would settle down once he was married. I ranted and raved. I swore vengeance. She let me and did nothing, save watch me with huge sorrowful eyes and made sure

Zanu PF Fuckpig pt 1

dragging the shattered bones from the knee joint with it.She remained blissfully unconscious as the Machete flashed again and the second foot joined the first."Take the feet to the dogs then you can stitch up, Mr Stephens."Stephens forced himself, he picked up her dainty feet, unlaced her canvass shoes and removed her short white socks and as in

sub life

does love him, after all it’s been years and it’s natural to develop some deeper feelings. She loves him because he is simple. He just likes a warm meal to share and then he will take her to bed. He feeds a lot her desires, without having to talk about them. He always makes love to her though before they finish. He kisses her passionately,

Candice my wife. My lover?

she gasped, “Why it’s.”“Magnificent?” I queried as I threw off my shirt and overshirt.“Hard,” she admitted.“So cast that candle aside and submit!” I insisted.“Charles,” she protested, “Are you inebriated? what has come over you.”“A realisation that I have no regard for you what so ever!” I snapped.She remained immobile so I took the candle from

The Spinning Watch

process. When he finished his therapy he vowed to meet her somehow.~~~~Whenever Faith was with the therapist she allowed herself to go into a light trance by thinking of her instructor spinning the pocket watch to put under the student volunteer. It was working. Over the weeks that passed she began to understand that her feelings about sex were

Just a cuckold fantasy? Part 2

his big cock?” I asked. “Yes,” he confirmed “No, I want you to say it,” I said firmly. I slowly pushed his hard cock down so his cock head was pointing more towards his feet. He likes it when I do it a little but to keep pushing it down and increasing the angle soon makes it uncomfortable for him. “I want you to say it,” I repeated. Eventually

Red and Darla Clayton-chapter one of two

going on a long vacation. For obvious reasons, and please don't try to talk me out of it. You will be the only one in the know about it. I'm not going to be worth much around here for a while, so I'm taking some time off. You're going to be the boss. The others will be called in one at a time and informed of my decision. "And, Robby, no one is

Setting up Lucy-2

as Sam pulled her over to him roughly. He unzipped her dress and pulled it down over her shoulders."We are going to talk in body language, baby." He said, reaching back and unclasping her bra freeing her large aching breasts. Pulling her face to his, he kissed her deeply on the lips. Ed, meanwhile was busy pulling her up onto her knees and

A Night in the Cabin

around his head, she leant sideways to their original position. From there, she used one hand to clutch as his head and keep him suckling and drinking from her, and used her other hand to gently massage her pussy and provide herself some temporary relief. They remained like this for a few minutes. Sarah’s fingered were now coated with juices

Trafficked Love Ch. 19

you tell me about the shooting at the club?”Rich glanced over at her.“Why would it matter to you?”She kept quiet, still staring out the window.“It was just some drunk guys arguing. Nothing serious.”“It is serious. There was a shooting.”“Shit like that happens all the time. It doesn’t effect you.”“It does effect me. I dance there.”Rich didn’t

Through Immortal Eyes: Chapter 1 The Familiar Things, Part I

shirt, allows her arms to straighten before I lift it up and toss it aside.She places her soft feminine hands on my chest, to twirl her fingers in the hair.I tug her skirt down to her knees and let it fall upon the ornate rug. I then slide my hand over her shoulder and along the tear drop edge of her exquisite breast. Drawing my hand up to its

Horny Little Women Pt11

Heather mewled as her body was taken over completely, tiny hands tracing a line down his muscular shoulders and arms.Stopping momentarily, Matthew moved to the couch with his lover in his arms. He laid her down, taking a short while to admire her nakedness as she wrapped a hand around his thick shaft, stroking gently to maintain its strength.

Promises, Promises

as his warm mouth approached her nipple. Teasingly, playfully, he circled one and then the other. Taking care not to actually touch the nipple, his tongue strove to memorize each bump on her areola. Her hands went to the back of his head, pulling him closer to her as a small whimper escaped her lips."Please!" she whispered, perhaps more to

A Simple Damascus Gold Band

Philippa rolled the words around in her brain and marvelled at her own audacity. It all sounded and felt so new. To be called a “wife” still sounded strange to her. Philippa was only twenty-five and she had married a man twenty-years her senior. John Langham was smart, successful and funny, everything she wanted in a man. Yet her impulsive

Her Night Out Alone

dress that comes down to mid thigh. The silky material looking almost wet and slippery in the constantly changing light of the club. The lights being reflecting in a multitude of color as you glided across the crowded floor. Maybe it’s the way your smooth tan shoulders are bare, or the way the shimmering dress molds itself over your enticing

My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 12

me.   This was different.   I had never done it out in the open before.   Looking up, I could see some stars and the moon shining from behind him.   He rolled between my thighs and then got up on his knees to undo his pants.   He wriggled then down to his knees and then lay on me pushing his cock against me.   There was no wasted time.  


passing by in the upper atmosphere, peering down at the minute inhabitants below. Winds blew them by, catching leaves in their current, and dragging loose sheets of newspaper along the quiet tarmac outside. The beach resort was still quiet at seven in the morning, only the sound of the distant waves sweeping and hugging the shores, washing up and

Milk and Honey

wearing a knee length figure hugging  flannel overcoat firmly tied at mid riff. Together they pushed a pram that had Mausmi's 5 months daughter sleeping and came inside. "its hot, isnt it" Mausmi said  and she unknotted her overcoat. It wasn't hot until then but suddenly everything smouldrered.   She was wearing tight black hot pants and a dark

Sapphires Secrets: A Skyrim Story

that she felt his hand run slowly down her flank. He grasped a fistful of the fabric of her slip and tugged it upwards and free of her hips, exposing her taut thighs and buttocks, and then he ran his palm sleazily across the freshly-bared skin, grabbing at the warm flesh he found there. At any rate, it would be an unforgivable waste for such an –

Linden’s Struggle

cocking it back. It clicked once as the chamber turned and then the second click locked it back, sure and deadly. Now it was but a small matter of a single motion. Just a slight pull and it would all be over. The only thing standing between Linden and the Dark place was a single motion. Strange how fragile life can be—after all, aren’t we always

New Beginnings Part Two: Human Nature

again. “It seems the male is at a higher risk of being seriously hurt, or killed,” Solaria said. Adrian sat back. How could he explain this one? “From a male’s point of view, it feels good, and most of the time the two involved have built up a relationship, so he trusts her not to, well not to, well he trusts her a lot.” “From a woman’s point of

The Rocker Part 9

I follow her out of the door, down the hall and on the elevator. We exit the elevator walk down the hallway and into a room that looks like a living room. It has a TV, desks, and furniture. I see a boy around thirteen or fourteen sitting on the couch watching TV and two girls around the same age. One of the girls is sitting at a desk reading a

Black family and White Slut

love this, I thought as I sucked down the dogs cock. I pulled my mouth away from the animals cock, and ask the black men. Do you want to see this red cock in my cunt or my ass? I smiled at them. Both, we want to see you do both, you nasty whore. I pulled my fist out of my needy cunt. The dog was so excited he was humping air, I wanted him humping

Girl Gets Her Man Ch. 04

off. You ready to go?’ ‘Yes,’ she responded without thinking. ‘Good.’ He grabbed her hand and guided her toward his car. On the way over she’d decided to use Gary. If she could have sex with him, it wouldn’t be so bad. The instant the door to her apartment was opened, he put his hand into the waist of her dress. ‘Gary. Not so fast.’ She knew she

Bringing Online to Life

is racing as fast as I’m driving, a million fantasies in my head. Am I really here… am I really walking thru the lobby and waiting for the elevator… walking from the elevator to your door… raising my hand to knock? Before I can, You open the door and smile, ”How long were you going to stand there?” Looking into Your eyes and then away, I smile

Danni + Pt 2

not wearing any panties, and her peach fuzz labial split was plain to see. Tidy in its innocence, her young body was again exciting my mature body to determined hardness as I lay there watching her prepare for sunbathing. The cream followed, multiple squirts of which she smoothed on slowly to her naked body, spreading it evenly everywhere but the

Death be not Cruel Pt I

else.As he arranged the corpse on the bed he was overcome again with a wave of numbing grief which drove him to his knees. He gathered her by the shoulder and clung to her, burying his face in her chest. As he sought comfort in the touch of her still warm body, he recognised the scent that had touched him.Gently, tentativly, he slipped his hand

Red-Handed - Part 4

sluts. Come here, you.” He grabbed the dazed and confused Imogen by both shoulders and pulled her up from the wooden surface. “On your feet, hurry the fuck up.” She dragged herself with dizzy compliance from the table, barely managing to keep her legs beneath her as she climbed to the floor. There she swayed, a sweat-soaked mess with tousled hair

My Forbidden Fantasy

me from behind again. He was going so fast and so hard, I was moaning and screaming his name. Finally, we both finished. I never thought I would be able to cum twice. We laid together in pure ecstasy, holding each other and gently kissing each other's lips. He was so fucking gorgeous. I stayed for a while, and a while turned into a sleep over.

Welt ~ 4

ecstasy. I felt him pulsing through his body and my own, his mind and mine. As he came into me I screamed and threw my arms and legs apart, digging at the sheets with my fingers and toes as he ground down into me and smothered my insides with hot fluid from his pulsing cock.I stared at him with my eyes and mouth wide, lost in shock and bliss.

As The Mouse Clicks

washing machine accident. (Dont ask!) Dr. Bo Hunter grabbed the bomb, threw it out the window and it landed on Bolt’s car, blowing it and everything around it to smithereens. Roberta sprang to the phone to call Paige. Paige, who was on her way to the spa, had heard of the situation at the clinic and rushed to be at Bolt’s side. When she arrived

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 05

Thakkor stirred a little, smiling in his sleep. Alicia tiptoed across the thick canvas floor of the tent to go outside. The trees filtered the morning sunlight, but Alicia could see down the trail to tell that the sun was fully above the horizon. Not especially skilled in determining time, she had no idea what the hour might be. Her rumbling

Camping with Stepdaughter 14

relax over and over again. She told me that she wanted me to take her like I had done Lesly the night before. She got to her knees and pressed her hot pink pussy back to me. I slid up behind her and told her to guide me into her awaiting little hole. The tip of my cock entered her and I grabbed her hips and buried my self in her all the way up

Visiting Home

me, and as I licked diligently along her lips to her clit and back down to tongue her vagina, she started circling her hips. June was working vigorously back and forth and it took all my force of character to push the pleasure aside and work my fingers into Pam.Her pussy was wide open to me, her matted hairs rubbing my nose raw, fucking back into

Debbie Sets the Tone

both enjoyed switching from top to bottom especially when combined with role play which kept evolving in terms of complexity. One evening when I arrived home late and slightly drunk I quickly picked up on Deb’s foul mood as she sat watching the news in the family room.  “What’s up babe?” I slurred “It’s after midnight, did you think about

Having Fun With My Husband and Greg

in a golf Member – Guest tournament.   He was alone as they have young children and his wife needed to remain with them.   They have been long time friends and he is very cute.    David and I have been married for 20 some years and lead what one would call an average life. Our circle of friends is rather small and from time to time we hold a

Schoolbus Relations (teaser)

snow outside, but I could care less. People seemed entice by the white wonderland of snow, while I couldn't get my mind of the white wonderland of Blessing's pale boobs. FInally, the 3 o'clock bell rang and I rushed to the bus. BLessing arrived a few minutes later in a georgeous red shirt,, low cut of course. The first low-cut peek I had seen all

My Paid Whore

She just fucked me hard and at the end she had an orgasm. Her pussy soaked my cock and when I was ready to finally come after about forty minutes I sprayed her cunt with my sperm.She didn’t request that I wear a condom. I much preferred fucking my whores bare back. They were tested all the time for sexual diseases. I only used the one agency and

me a mom and her daughter

in my mouth and suucked on her nipples greedly i went down further and began kissing her warm wet pussy smelling the sweet musk that pourd out..she reached up and grabed the shower rod and held on as i ate her pussy like it was no tommorow tounging her deep feeling her large swollen clit pulse and twitch on my touge was driving me nuts so i

The Librarian - Epilogue

Peter hesitated, the fireplace beginning to comfort him. “I sucked,” he said. “I'm going to win the cross-country state title this year, but no college is ever going to accept me, at least not one worth going to. When I graduate, I'm going to join the military. I've already talked to the recruiters.” Daniel wasn't totally shocked, but felt a

The Sculptor And His Muse - Part Two

I love it,” I admit. She jumps off the stool, running at me, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me hard. “I could fall for you so easily. You’re so kind, so handsome and so,” grabbing my dick, “so sexy, so hung.” As soon as her hand makes contact with my hardness I stop breathing and my body tightens up. The heat I felt before becomes white

My friend and his horney wife

off of the toy, she kept watching my cock slide in and out of it. I reached back and slid 2 fingers into her soaking wet pussy and she immediately started to cum again! I was pumping my cock in and out of the toy and Andrew’ cum was all over the shaft! I groaned that I was going to cum and Samantha wailed that she wanted me to cum inside of her

daddys little girlfriend

to kiss your pussy, spread your legs so daddy can look at and taste your pussy ok?” “Ok, mmmm, how’s this daddy?” Sonya’s legs were spread wide as I stared at her lovely young slice of heaven. I leaned forward and kissed her at the top of her virgin slit. I let my tongue slide up and down gently along her tight quivering pussylips. Sonya’s

When Your Hormones Go Crazy (Part 6)

never had a complaint, being a guy, because I'd get to silently watch these cute girls walk around in short shorts, t-shirts, sometimes leggings, and wearing almost nothing else. I could tell at times some didn't wear bras, and really didn't seem to care. I'm not sure because of my reputation as a cool laid back step-dad, or because they just

Helen 10. In the Tattoo Parlour

The girl soon began to moan and pant, so Helen stopped, not wanting to make her cum too soon; but the girl was beside herself with raw naked lust. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers roughly through Helen's hair, while she said, “I want you to open your mouth.” Helen did what she was told immediately. The blond girl dribbled heavily into

All the Power: Tetenia's Highest Purpose

felt like a fulfillment of purpose. Despite her utter exhaustion, she was almost a little turned on again - how could she marry Daymon now?“I should…try,” Tetenia said. “Let’s get cleaned up, but I’ll take my time.”***By the time she got cleaned up and dressed and left, another half an hour had passed. Tetenia was embarrassed to be showing up so

Being the tough guy

cuz the one of them said they love a guy in leather so why not right so they satrted licking every where. And I started sucking their tit and then my pants was off and they were both taking turns sucking my cock and it felt delicious. Hearing those moans made me hornier. I moaned so loud myself, that my throat started to hurt. and i just push

Lil Jem

out, “You’re looking as cute as ever today!” “Thank you Mr. Frankie” I replied, doing a little twirl for him. “Do you like my new skirt”? “I bought it at the Thompson’s yard sale, it’s a little big, but I like it.” “Ohhh, it looks great on you. You’re just growing up too fast little Jem!” “Soon the boys will be chasing after you all day long, if


point. ‘Unless you wish to watch your daughter die right now, I suggest you do what I ask!’ The woman in black barked at Viktor over sounds of the screaming girl. Viktor stumbled as he turned to the table. His hand shook as he grasped the pen, signing his name next to an ominous red X next to his typed name. Picking the papers up, he struggled

A Meeting of Pleasure at Midnight

wasn't quite real enough. At the restaurant we could hardly control ourselves, exchanging seductive gazes, looking into each other's eyes. I worked in the kitchen and she was a waitress, but every time she came into the kitchen for something, it was like the whole world had stopped and there was just us. We wondered if we were ever truly alone,

Adventures in Rosieland Ch. 06

his hardness through his trousers. He could take no more. He broke the kiss and sat back, breathless. She knew she’d broken through, but needed to let this play out. ‘Georgie, we can’t do this. We…’ ‘You know Rosie is having an affair with that man, don’t you?’ She said quietly. ‘But…’ He started. ‘But what?’ She interrupted. ‘But you love her?’

A Catholic Education

3 and a half inches wide, nice and thick for any girl who wanted some.He hurriedly zipped his cock back into his pants – he wasn’t going to masturbate in his office. Not now. He was saving his cum up. For later. But… Just a look. No wanking. Just a look… Out my window.Kieran gazed out the window, down to the volleyball court below. He grinned. He

Diaries of Ceres and Taliya: Part Seven

I stepped into the hallway to remove myself from temptation.   That was a close one.   Once the spell was broken I became more aware of my surroundings.   Why was Master John yelling at Mistress Denise?   Even though I couldn’t make out the words it must have been really important.   He didn’t raise his voice over petty crap.   I

my discovery

used to have a large walk-in wardrobe and when they would go out at night I’d search for my dads porno mags. One night when I was reading some mags and my parents were out, I got a bit too excited and realized I had to cum. I looked around every for a place to blow my load without leaving any evidence behind. I grabbed a sexy black high heel and

Second Chance, Book 01

to gather her thoughts as well as her wits. ‘There’s some cheese and crackers. Don’t eat too much. Dinner will be at six.’ It was an automated response. Each day it was the same question and each day it was the same reply. She heard the screen door slam again and Andrea announced her arrival. ‘Hi Mom. What’s new?’ ‘Ah … nothing much. Uhmmm … your

His sister's daughter

of his head and she mashed his face into her pussy. She hadn't had the time to play with herself today so she was 3 orgasms behind and desperately needed what was coming. Mark greedily licked and nibbled her clit, greatly enjoying the taste of his virgin niece and her grinding his face hard with her pussy. He slid lower and pushed his tongue

Swim Coach (Chap 2)

I said, “Yeah, I think Beth and I would be up for that, who else is going?” Like I said, my naiveté was all too thick. I turned and started to walk over to the bleachers where our bags and noticed coach Matt sitting in his office looking out at Richard and me. I’d just gotten to my bag when Richard placed a hand on my shoulder. I turned and

Deep Space Freighter.

seat and spoke into the sub-ether communications transmitter. Although she knew it would take three hours for her voice to reach Earth, part of the expected protocol was that when her active duty cycle was over she filed a report.With a flick of a switch, she had already handed control of the huge space freighter over to one of the many computers

My amazing life Chapter 1

bigger than my fingers have ever been in there!” she screamed.Immediately after she said that she smashed both hands over her mouth so hard I thought for sure she was going to give herself a bloody nose.“It’s ok sweetie.” I soothed. “Masturbation is perfectly normal.”She was so horrified over what she had just said, anger turned to

Craiglist Memories...Round 2

the two next to it. She moaned as she pulled me forward with her foot, “eat up baby, it’s all wet for you now, “she says as she feeds me her fingers. I suck on them and then roll my tongue over her pussy. She runs her hand in my hair as I grab her thighs. Her pussy taste so amazing, and I just dive my face into her dripping mound as I just taste

Don’t Judge a Book Ch 04

entirely an innocent, and kind offer, part of me felt that given what had happened between us at the party, I should say no. How would it look to my husband, if I was dropped home by a man I’d been so intimate with less than a week ago? But a bigger part of me thought this was silly. Daryl was a nice guy, just being neighborly. And so I accepted

The Window Ch. 04

her loot in a plain brown bag. Jen took a fast look around, then added a bullet vibe and a set of beads to the total. She just had time to get out front of the pharmacy and sit down on a bench before Johnny pulled up. She was sitting with one leg up, in an ‘innocent little girl’ pose, the loose leg of her shorts guaranteed that Johnny could see

Thomas meets Misty

more before she let his face go and relaxed her thighs from around his head. He moved up over her body still licking it. Again he stopped and sucked on her sexy nipples. As he moved up her body, his cock rubbed over her things and then between her legs. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him. She wiped her cum off his face and kissed him. She

OFFICE FUN 4: The Office

know my participation, only that some form of sexual motivation would be involved.When I was down to my stockings, jewelry, and heels, I lightly knocked on the door. From inside I heard, “Everyone signed the forms? Good.” There was a pause. “Everyone, keep your forms and Patty will come in to ask for your understanding and witness each one.

Sisters in Slavery Chapter Five part 1

all of the slaves were horrified. Brothel Whore 3567-B was even shocked to see a look of horror on the face of Slave 2482-B2. Even as "The Master of Ceremonies" continued Brothel Whore 3567-B could only wonder what that was about."As we speak all the positions of these three are being seized all of their belongings including their slaves will be

TMB Chapter 3 My Sister Comes to Visit

Like I said it is fine with me. She said that it happens more often than you think. I say really. Yea, that is why a lot of guys from the office buildings eat their lunch here. Girls will come in here and try on suits just so the guys can watch them. I asked her name and she says Cathy. I asked Cathy if she ever did it. She said she has thought

The Prey

was what she wanted. One without the dry bones on it’s head was easier. They, sometimes, even left their spotted young alone – an easy meal. Failing that a long-eared one perhaps. Or, maybe, the unknown thing she was stalking. Constantly on the alert for danger, or food, she traveled faster than would seem possible with the easy gait she chose.

Rebecca Gets Hers

at Rebecca's office. Of course with her well-to-do father in law around her whole demeanor changes. She is ladylike and polite and speaks to Andy in a pleasant way. "Andy, would you bring your laptop into the office, we'll need it." Andy of course complies, still not sure of that is going to happen. He gives his laptop to Seth, and watches

Mom & Dad were OK with it

that Linda was still in shock and didn't really know what to do. But I noticed a really strange thing happen. My dad's cock had quickly hardened which was sort of an unusual sight. I rarely saw his cock in an erect state even when my brother and I might be jacking off in front of him. But obviously seeing Linda's hand stroking my erect penis was

Dressing up Part 2

mom to her bedroom. I watched as she lay on her bed, tapping the space next to her.I lay on the bed and she stroked my face and then gave me a peck on the lips.“Honey, I’ve known for a little while that you like to get dressed up. I didn’t know you were using makeup too. Do you really want to be a girl like your sisters? If it’s what you really

A Student’s Life - Part 2 - Meeting Your Family

up to face me and takes me into a deep kiss. “That was wonderful, you dirty boy.” Emily says teasingly, “I cannot wait to have you aga…” “WHAT THE FUCK?!” Your voice cuts through the air like a hot knife through butter. I slowly, almost disbelievingly, turn my head to the doorway. You are standing there, a robe wrapped loosely around you. Clearly

Meeting James Chapter 9

had to do was bring up something even remotely sexual and that was enough to render him a blushing, stuttering, stammering mess.The rest of our dinner was amazing. Gianna ordered seafood risotto, I had the Chilean sea bass, and Tim ordered a New York strip steak. We had a wonderful time laughing and joking with each other and it was so much fun

The New Friend

There was quiet sadness about her voice, and yet, something a bit flirty also. Danny looked at Kayla with an ornery grin. She knew exactly what was going through his mind, a clear advantage of being married for 18+ years. Now the two of them weren't flat out swingers, but they did enjoy “playing around”. Kayla had “played” with Danny’s friend

Brandi’s Slutty Adventures Ch. 02

same time Tony and Luis enter the room. I watched them go over to the seating area and sit down. I moved so that my feet were facing them. I leaned back against a couple of pillows that were in the middle of the bed and spread my legs. I brought my hands up to my chest, cupping and kneading my breasts, while pulling and pinching my nipples. I

Sunny Daze

cook, and I was starving, so it didn’t take long to polish off the pancakes.  The shorts and tight t-shirt she’d changed into when she came back in to put the dishes in the dishwasher weren’t that much of an improvement over her nightshirt.“So are you going anywhere today?” she asked.I lifted my eyebrows.  “Why?”“Just wondered.”“I’m not going

Will's new home: Part 1

natural.”“Thank god”, Brook said with a sigh of relief.Will and the girls walked back upstairs, with Will still covering his genitals with his hands, His dic was still semi-hard, and the bandaid still covered his head. As the four kids sat on the ground Will quickly grabbing for his boxers and shorts, of which he quickly pulled back on. Will

My wife on the porch part nineteen

I love it! You may recall that her new lover Chris is also her fitness instructor and he is very athletic, he loves walking and anything to do with exercise, he also gets plenty of exercise in bed with my wife! He loves to put on little shows like getting her to suck his dick when I take their morning coffee and orange juice into them in the

Playdates, Act Dos

and started working it on Tara’s pussy. She paused her sucking just for a second to enjoy what she was sure was the start of another orgasm. Then Tara brought the other vibrator to Lauren’s pussy and worked it in and out while they continued sucking Ben’s cock. After a couple of minutes, both Lauren and Tara were moaning. The vibrations felt so

The Circle Jerk Club 1

hands on cock while in my bed and rock back and forth, and side to side. My dad’s best friend had a daughter named Sky. We did everything together growing up including watching each other pee. That was the image I’d conjure in my head while wiggling. It was me watching Sky piss in the bathroom. I’d continue to bounce up and down until this

Archaeology Research Yields Ch. 01

to a living nightmare’. As I read this aloud Katie started to laugh and hit me in the shoulder ‘you’re joking right? We found an old mystic’s alchemy recipes? Maybe it’ll tell us how to grow some really good weed so we won’t feel the pain of this trip so much and have something cool to take back to our friends’ She smiled and started to look at

Jack Be Quick Ch. 06

program to seed random number generation from the time, and assigned a long, unique ID number to every module we were working on, to be buried deep within the module. Anybody on the outside who had one of the ID numbers would have no way to associate it to a programming task. Then the random ID numbers were broken apart to represent page numbers

The Man of Sin: Chapter 1

to college students and with armies of new priests and nuns being marched out every year, ready to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Joining the clergy wasn’t any kind of requisite for the school, but after 12 years, it became engrained in the souls of most of the students.“O’Connor!”Helena’s head perked up at the sound of her last name being


Then they went to the mall for shopping and came out with so many bags. They went to have lunch together and when they were done, they left and took different cabs planning on meeting in a club at 8p.m the following day.Lisa obviously took tom along with her to the club and Andre was late again. Thank God this time Lisa had some company. Lisa and

Looking after sister. Pt 3

heard me in the shower and went into the kitchen and found the jar of chocolate spread in the cupboard and started shoving spoon fulls of it up her tight rosebud. She put as much up her arse as she could get in. She managed to hold most of it I until I was in position to lick.I quickly removed her panties and started to devour the spread which

Sea Change

forward, and headed out on diesel power. I turned the boat at buoy G13 and piloted into the channel with the marina, the wind, and memories at my back. When I cleared the last channel buoy I set the autopilot to keep the boat pointed into the wind, while I raised the mainsail. Then I turned the boat south, let out the jib, and shut off the

My Unforgetable Summer- Part 1 The Beach

here, we brought towels, beach chairs, and a few sodas. So finally after a while, Taylor says, “I don’t know about you but I’m going in the water and cooling off.” I decided to join Taylor and go in too. As I went in Taylor asked me if I had any other plans for us over the next two weeks. I say maybe we could camp, or go to the lake further down

SLuT9 pt 21

disappeared down the stairs did Olivia turn and go to her bedroom to get her own shoes.Molly came flying into the living room. Dave instantly saw the tears and the fear on Molly's face. He rose from the couch."Molly, what's wrong?""Master, Mistress Olivia..." Molly gulped air and wiped the tears from her face with her shirt sleeve. "She... She

Me and the Hockey Team Ch. 4

I wasn’t his girlfriend at the moment because we agreed it was better to split up while he was visiting his grandparents for two months, I missed him so much! It felt like he took a part of me away when he left. When his plane finally landed and he called me I was practically bouncing up and down waiting to to see my Nicky again.Now, I know this

Alicia Ch. 13

shoes. After their meal, he had taken her hand, and led her into the library. She was starting to get the stomach cramps again. She needed a fix. ‘Please Arnie,’ she murmured kissing him, as he unfastened the clasp of her dress, and drew it off her shoulders, letting it slid down about her ankles. ‘Please darling, Alicia needs her medicine! I-I

Not Quite Sex

bountiful female globes. I adore them, kissing and licking them all over, sucking on the teats and flicking them with my tongue to make them more erect, making you breathe a little harder, a little faster. I am almost satisfied after groping and showing such affection to each of your ample mounds, but I cannot forget the titillation we share. I

The Waiter

been fucked, so I was happy to get what I could. But after holding Victor’s huge dick earlier today, yours is notably smaller,” my wife explained.“I know Victor’s dick is bigger than mine. That’s why we are doing this in the first place. Please just let me fuck really quick before he gets here?” I pleaded, dying to get inside her.“Sorry love, but

Salon Visit

“Jaz,” the voice resonated in my head pulling me from my pleasant slumber. “What?” I muttered. “You said you wanted to get to the salon early,” my mother stated. I gently rolled onto my side to look at the alarm clock. ‘Oh my God it’s 10:40, how did I sleep so late!’ I yelled as I launched myself from the bed and ran into the bathroom. I brushed

Fear of the unknown

the fuckin ordinary!! This chick was beat up within an inch of her life! She was dumped here as a statement. And she has marks all over her body! Like they have when they have been operated on, except all over her!! She's got this black canvas stuff on her back that must be glued on to her because we cannot get them off her!" the chief thought